You Deserve to Get What You Paid For

Kentucky, like most states, has a specific law to protect consumers who purchase or lease a new vehicle only to learn in the first year it is seriously flawed.  No one wants a car or truck that spends more time with the mechanic than it does transporting you and your family to wherever you need to go.


Under both Kentucky law and federal law there are remedies available.  I can help you sort that out and get you back on the road and out of the shop.


To expedite matters and allow me to quickly assess what remedies you may have available, please use the form on our Contact Us page to provide me the details.  Once you have done that, I will get back to you as quickly as possible.  In the Message section, if you wish, you can provide additional information including how you prefer to be contacted.


If you can answer "Yes" to all the questions below, you have a very good case.  If you can only answer "Yes" to some, contact me anyway.


* Did you purchase/lease the vehicle new?  (Used cars are not covered under Kentucky's Lemon Law)

* Is there a manufacturer's warranty?  (If not, the federal law does not help you.)

* Did you purchase or lease it less than 12 months ago?

* Are there fewer than 12,000 miles on it?

* Has the vehicle been in the shop 4 or more times for the same defect, or has it been in the shop for 30 or more days regardless of whether it is the same defect?


How Much Does It Cost?


Nothing - at least in theory.


By law the manufacturer is responsible for paying attorney fees.  Therefore, my fee is negotiated along with the settlement of your claim.  If the manufacturer refuses to budge and you decide pursuing litigation is in your interests, then you will have to pay the expenses (filing fees, experts, etc.).  Either way, my fee is paid by the manufacturer about 99% of the time.  (Every once in a while a client opts to back out once a deal is made.  It is their choice.)

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